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The Conspiracy - May 11, 2009 1 Comment

“The only winning move is not to play”

I’ve got a review of Benny Morris’ new book, “One State, Two States: Resolving the Israel/Palestine Conflict,” up now at History News Network, George Mason University’s online magazine. An excerpt: After a disheartening few months, prospects for peace in …

The Conspiracy - May 8, 2009 0 Comments

News on the News: Radio Tidbits on Media Challenges.

The leitmotif of last week’s National Jewish Journalism Conference was the question of the future of journalism: the challenge of finding new financially viable models for news outlets, and the shift from print to web. Turns out we aren’t the only ones thinking about these things.  …

The Conspiracy - May 4, 2009 0 Comments

38 Years and Still Kickin’

Yesterday, students representing more than 15 campuses and eight Jewish campus publications gathered at the Kraft Center for Jewish Life to participate in the National Jewish Student Journalism Conference, now in its 38th year. According to the feedback we’ve gotten so far, the event was a …

The Conspiracy - April 29, 2009 0 Comments

Happy Yom Ha’atzmaut!

In honor of Israeli Independence Day, a bit of satire from the Holy Land. Imagine what CAMERA would say if an American TV show produced this…

The Conspiracy - April 28, 2009 2 Comments

How Jews Eat in Four Minutes

How Jews Eat from on Vimeo. The folks at are going multimedia on us!  They recently published a video titled “How Jews Eat”, the second in an ongoing series that began with “How Jews Look”. As one commentor noted on Jewish food …

The Conspiracy - April 25, 2009 0 Comments

Listen to me talk

Holy shit was it nice today. Tomorrow, when you get up, listen to me live on Beyond the Pale, the weekly Jewish politics and culture show on New York’s WBAI. We’ll be live from noon until 1 pm ET. You can listen at 99.5 FM in New York or online by clicking here. Marilyn Neimark and I …

The Conspiracy - April 24, 2009 3 Comments

Sex club shuttered, KinkyJews displaced?

The New York Law Journal reported on Tuesday that Casbar, a swinger’s club in Brooklyn, was closed by a city judge after investigators testified that they had observed “150-plus acts of fellatio and intercourse” on an undercover visit to the venue. I guess that’s what …

The Conspiracy - April 24, 2009 0 Comments

Heeb: The Musical…(Issue)

Depending on whether you love Heeb, or hate Heeb (and people generally feel only one way or the other), you might have attended last night’s Brooklyn launch party for Heeb’s Music Issue and have already devoured its glossy pages of irreverence and pics of cute hipsters.  You might …

The Conspiracy - April 23, 2009 2 Comments

Clever Ad Campaign? I’m Still Skeptical

Ah Birthright, you’ve done it again.  Your clever web banner intrigued me, tempting me to point and click.  I even watched the videos I found when I arrived at your Monologues site.  I even thought that the performers seemed talented (and not just in that, “they’re pretty …

The Conspiracy - April 23, 2009 0 Comments

Aharit out loud

Want to hear more on Hilltop rockers Aharit Hayamim, the Israeli jam band whose North American tour is the subject of “Settler Rock Comes to the States”? Click here for an audio version of the story, featuring a backstage interview with Aharit Hayamim and reactions from Dan Sieradski, …

The Conspiracy - April 6, 2009 0 Comments

Happy Passover

We’re still working out the kinks of the new site. We’ll be on a regular posting schedule next week. Check back then for a new issue of the magazine, plus an active blog. In the meantime, look around and let us know what you think of the new (virtual) digs.

The Conspiracy - March 24, 2009 0 Comments

A competition I would lose.

A brilliant episode of the Canadian comedy series “Kenny vs. Spenny.” The Hitler music video is a bit long, but Kenny’s litany of Jew-jokes at the end of part 3 is priceless.

Parts 2 and 3 below the jump.

The Conspiracy - March 24, 2009 1 Comment

Not another Jewblog…

Sure, we’re about a decade behind the curve. But after an aborted stab at the Jewblog market two years ago (does anybody know how to take down old blogspot blogs with long-forgotten passwords?), New Voices is excited to present a brand new blog with a brand new sense of mission. Here’s …

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