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The Conspiracy - June 19, 2009 2 Comments

Silence, Meet Singularity

Summer brings with it a lot of dead air.  From beach traffic to bathroom lines at the ballpark, awkward silences lurk everywhere.  But fear not: just as you can arm yourself against sunburn and mosquitoes, you can prepare for lapses in conversation.  Enter Ray Kurzweil — Jewish …

The Conspiracy - June 16, 2009 10 Comments

Orthodox Judaism is moving–where?

In honor of my first blog post, I’m going to steer clear of all issues pertaining to elected Israeli officials, elected (maybe?) Iranian officials, and Holocaust museums. As important as these things are, I’ll wait to discuss the more controversial ideas bouncing around on this blog …

The Conspiracy - June 15, 2009 0 Comments

Bibi Netanyahu’s Baby Step

A few days ago, Daniel Temkin wrote optimistically about the potential for progress towards peace under Netanyahu and Obama, comparing the political climate to that of 1977 under Begin and Carter, when the Camp David Accords created a lasting peace between Israel and Egypt.  At the end of his …

The Conspiracy - June 12, 2009 0 Comments

Barack Versus Bibi

In a blog post from earlier this week, Ben Sales suggested that the tension between supporters and opponents of Israeli settlements in the West Bank is nothing new. I would argue that the current tension between Washington and Jerusalem is a new and alarming development, one which should concern all …

The Conspiracy - June 11, 2009 0 Comments

What We Choose to Do

 My friend Ari Roskies made the case on this blog two days ago that President Obama should have criticized oppresive Islamist regimes for requiring women to wear hijabs, or traditional head-coverings, in addition to defending what should be the right of women to do so in western countries. Ari …

The Conspiracy - June 11, 2009 0 Comments

Jewlicious on the tragedy in D.C.

A great tragedy in D.C. yesterday, as a neo-Nazi murdered an African-American security guard at the Holocaust Memorial Museum. The neo-Nazi was 88, the numerology of which will not be lost on white supremacists. As we mourn Stephen Tyrone Johns, a thought. There’s been much attention given to …

The Conspiracy - June 10, 2009 0 Comments

Bar Mitzvahs jump the shark

We asked for it.

h/t JTA

The Conspiracy - June 8, 2009 1 Comment

Mazel Tov on Your Beer Mitzvah

The Shmaltz Brewing Company, known for its He’brew: The Chosen Beer, is celebrating its thirteenth anniversary with a special new brew, The Jewbelation Bar Mitzvah.  It will feature 13 hops, 13 malts, and a 13% alcohol content.  In addition to the 13-themed beer, Shmaltz is running a …

The Conspiracy - June 7, 2009 1 Comment

Settle This

Here we go again. In what the New York Times calls a historic shift, President Obama has called for the limiting of settlements in the West Bank. And so no one was surprised to hear loads of   criticism from the right, this one courtesy of the ever-ideological Caroline Glick. The truth is …

The Conspiracy - June 5, 2009 5 Comments

Oh god.

Stupid racist Jewish college students on the streets of Jerusalem, from Max Blumenthal via Philip Weiss. The video blew me away. I don’t know what to make of it. In a recent editorial, I argued that our generations’ attitudes towards Israel are, for various historical reasons, more …

The Conspiracy - June 4, 2009 0 Comments

A New Day in the Knesset

Amidst the political changes in the U.S. and Israel, one important shift went largely unnoticed. Last week the Knesset took an unprecedented step, one which reflected a gradual shift that has occurred over the last several decades. In its first-ever Yiddish Language and Culture Day, last Tuesday the …

The Conspiracy - June 3, 2009 2 Comments

Driving the Jewish conversation

Our post last week on Rabbi Manis Friedman’s statement to Moment magazine calling for the murder of Palestinian civilians seems to have generated a bunch of attention. The JTA and Failed Messiah linked to us on Monday, and tonight both the Forward and the JTA have features on Friedman’s …

The Conspiracy - June 1, 2009 2 Comments

A New Blog for New Voices

Welcome to the future. We may not have flying cars or a baller Starship Enterprise to battle aliens but as of today, the New Voices blog will be taking its content to the next level. Now, when you visit our site, you’ll find new blog posts every day by a group of writers from around the …

The Conspiracy - June 1, 2009 2 Comments

Orthodox Women to be Trained as Sort of-Almost-Maybe Rabbis?

In March, Rabbi Avi Weiss, the founder and president of a liberal Orthodox rabbinical school, effectively ordained Sara Hurwitz as the first female Orthodox rabbi- but without giving her the title of “rabbi.”  Though her course of study was the same as that of the men in the …

The Conspiracy - May 27, 2009 2 Comments

The Riverdale Bombers: Should we worry?

The arrest last Wednesday of four would-be terrorists at the scene of an attempted synagogue bombing in Riverdale shook some communal nerves. Briefly, the as-yet unrealized nightmare of a full-fledged American synagogue bombing seemed real, and the countermeasures employed by major New York …

The Conspiracy - May 22, 2009 6 Comments

Meet Rebecca.

In the Fall 2007 Issue of New Voices, Chloe Safier asked a question that raised debate among readers and attracted tons of traffic to our website.  The question? “Why Is There No Jewish American Girl Doll?” Today our question is finally answered, and not just by a clueless Mattel PR …

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