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Published since 1991 by the independent, non-profit, student-run Jewish Student Press Service, New Voices is America’s only national magazine written and published by and for Jewish college students.

The Jewish Student Press Service was established in 1971 to provide quality, student-written articles to the then-thriving network of Jewish campus publications across the country. Many of today’s most accomplished Jewish journalists got their start at the Jewish Student Press Service. Current and past editors of the New York Jewish Week, the New Jersey Jewish News, The Forward, Dissent, the Jewish Telegraph Agency, Lilith and Sh’ma are all past contributors to the Jewish Student Press Service.

With New Voices, the Press Service continues its tradition of cultivating the next generation of Jewish journalists, creating a Jewish media that speaks to young Jews, and empowering Jewish students to take ownership of their heritage. The magazine is produced by one straight-outta-college staff member in New York and a network of student writers, bloggers and editors from campuses across the country on a shoestring annual budget.




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