Four Jewish-Student-Themed Halloween Costumes

We know, Halloween isn’t a Jewish thing. But some of us can’t resist the opportunity to wear costumes, scare people, and ask strangers for candy. If you want to bring your Jewish identity into the chag Halloween festivities, New Voices has you covered with some easy costume ideas specifically designed for Jewish students.

Mosaic United’s Database of Jewish Students

Sure, Hillel rejected the idea to collect American Jewish students’ contact information for the Israeli government, a brainchild of Naftali Bennett’s Mosaic United. But that doesn’t mean the whole Jewish student database ordeal can’t make for a fun, simple outfit! Just recycle your Mitt Romney’s “binder full of women” costume for this more obscure, Jewish look.

How to make this costume: Be Jewish, be students, and hold up a sign that says “database.”

Maccabee Task Force 

Vanquish BDS! Slay campus anti-Zionism! But with a legit (fake) sword, instead of just your biting Hasbara talking points! This hip Jewish-organization-themed costume will impress your seven friends who love, hate, or have heard of Maccabee Task Force.

How to make this costume: Purchase a maccabee costume. Write “TASK FORCE” on it.


There’s nothing more millennial than memes, so why not dress like one? But kick it up a notch with a Hebrew letter word pun! Mem, meme… It’s close enough.

How to make this costume: Write the letter mem in a white bubble font. Paste it on yourself. Make a lol-worthy face that will inspire captions.

Shabbos Table Guy

We all know this guy. He’s a family friend. He eats all the brisket, argues loudly with your parents about religion and politics, then turns to you and says, “So, nu, tell me about the situation on campus,” but before you can answer launches into a soliloquy as tragic as Hamlet’s about the anti-Semitic hotbed in which you live. He will regale you with tales of woe. He will tell you what your campus SJP chapter’s president ate for dinner last Tuesday. He will describe the Israeli irrigation system in detail. And you can’t escape.

What’s scarier than that?

How to make this costume: Wear a suit or a nice, shabbos-worthy sweater. Affix an AIPAC pin to it. Look horrified by the current state of affairs on campus and get into arguments whenever possible. (Here are some memes for inspiration.)

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