7 Best Tweets by Jewish Women Hitting the Streets

In the wise words of Beyonce, girls run the world – and, this past weekend, they proved it, marching in the hundreds of thousands toward the White House on Saturday as a response to Trump’s inauguration the day prior. Crowds of fierce, pink-hat-wearing ladies gathered in cities across the U.S. and even in countries around the world with women’s marches in England, Italy, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Spain, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, Kenya, South Africa, Iraq, Israel, and more. The original Women’s March on Washington D.C. appears to have been more widely attended than the inauguration itself.

Jewish women, students included, joined the protests in significant numbers. The Reform Movement had more than 1,300 attendees at pre-march services in Washington D.C. In New York, representatives from over 30 synagogues – including Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s Orthodox synagogue – attended a similar service. While Shabbat prevented some supporters from attending, observant Jews also took part in spite of challenges posed by Shabbat observance.

In light of this Saturday’s events, here’s our first-week-of-Trump’s-presidency gift to you, the best 7 tweets of Jewish women and their allies hitting the streets:

1. “Nice Jewish kids” rocking Rosie the Riveter garb

2. Jewish and Muslim women protesting together in Los Angeles

(Can we take a moment to appreciate that American flag tichel?)

3. Pink hat wearers carrying signs with Torah quotes

(Left: Deuteronomy 16:18, Right: Exodus 22:20)

4. Two Jewish women with an extensive checklist

5. This “confused-American-pacifist-atheist-Jew” seeking “rational-calm-reasoned-sane leadership”

6. This simple sign at the Women’s March in Tel Aviv

7. And, last but not least, this Jewish woman’s video on why she marched: “I am here because I’m a woman, I’m Jewish, I’m Middle Eastern…”

Did you participate in the Women’s March? Share your story at editor@newvoices.org.

Sara Weissman is the editor in chief of New Voices. 

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