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The #YesAllWomen meme has been one of the most transformative moments in the history of social media, and it’s been exciting to watch the long-overdue conversations it has inspired unfold across all media platforms. Recently, it got me thinking: Are there experiences common to all Jews, or at least all North American Jews? My thoughts created this list. Please add your own in the comments and on Twitter and let’s keep the conversation going!

Please note: this is in no way meant to be an “equivalent” to #YesAllWomen– the #YesAllWomen meme deals with the serious issues of discrimination, objectification, and abuse that yes, all women face on a regular basis, and this is in no way meant to demean or trivialize that, nor is it meant to say that Jews necessarily face similar constant stigmatization for being Jewish. This should be seen as an entirely separate conversation.

And remember, we’re only talking North American (US and Canadian) Jews here.

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will experience anti-Semitism in their lifetimes in some form or another

will be subjected to an offensive Holocaust joke at least once

hate Manischewitz wine

will hear a Christian say to them, “Oh, I support Israel!”

wonder why we need our own special version of everything: The Genesis Prize, ELI talks, JewTube, #YesAllJews, etc

wish they were Jerry Seinfeld, Bob Dylan, the late Lubavitcher Rebbe, or all 3.

say Donald Sterling does not represent us

think someone else’s view on Israel is destroying the Jewish people

think the world needs more Jews like them

will find themselves an exception to someone’s dislike of Jews

do, actually, know that Jesus was Jewish

have wondered whether Jews actually *do* control the world

think their shul is too political or don’t belong to one in part because of the politics

believe the way they live is perfectly in line with Jewish values or are going out of their way to prove that they don’t live according to Jewish values

wonder why other Jews have to be so damn contentious

will wonder whether anti-Semitism was a factor whenever they lose a job (or an election)

will at some point have another Jew try to convert them to their style of Judaism

are Jewish, not “Hanukkah”

are really tired of jokes about bacon, whether we eat it or not

think Israel has so many problems because it doesn’t listen to us

think the Palestinians have so many problems because they don’t listen to us

have at some point worried they were being too tribal when they advocated for a Jewish cause

wish the rabbi wouldn’t drone so much

wanted to fast-forward to the Passover meal already, then wonder why they were so eager to eat matzah

have never eaten matzah balls as good as their bubbe’s

have donated to a Jewish organization whose religious views they find abhorrent

have donated to Jewish organizations whose political views they find abhorrent (here’s looking at you, JNF)

can’t imagine what it used to be like in the shtetl

will meet someone who assumes they know Hebrew and/or Yiddish

think maybe they shouldn’t pick up coins off the street just in case someone sees who knows they’re Jewish

distrust Jewish organizations but will join or at least donate to some of them anyway

need more Jewish education

worry that they’re too stereotypical

think Israeli Jews are hotter than American Jews

had a soldier they were dying to sleep with on their Birthright trip (or would have had they gone on Birthright)

must do more to acknowledge non-Ashkenazi Jewish cultures

have had someone not believe them when they told them they really don’t celebrate Christmas or believe in Jesus…or even Mary.

have told someone ”you know he/she is Jewish?” then hated themselves for it

need to read New Voices Magazine more

wonder why we can’t just get over gefilte fish already

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-ish women are JAPs

hate Muslims

have beards

see anti-Semitism in everything

went to camp, believe it or not

have Fran Drescher for a mother

have grandparents who spoke Yiddish

are good at math

are good writers

support Israel in the same way, if at all

know your friend Paul, sorry.

wear glasses (some of us use contacts)

are allergic to everything

speak with Brooklyn accents

are from the Northeast or LA

have a relative in Hollywood

have a relative who is a doctor or lawyer

have family who has survived the Holocaust (and #YesAllJews think you shouldn’t want to look so disappointed when you find out their grandparents weren’t)


And finally,

#YesAllJews agree that I don’t speak for them


Derek M. Kwait graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and is editor in chief of New Voices.

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