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Forbes Israel: Jews R Still Rich

One question: Why?

To clarify: Why Forbes Israel, why?

The lovely group over at Forbes Israel (as if “ANTI-SEMITE FODDER” isn’t written all over that one…) has recently released a report that would make Moses roll over in his grave: The World’s Richest Jews. Unfortunately, the list is in Hebrew. Fortunately, that doesn’t seem to have stopped Gawker from covering it.

Things that I just learned about my own people:

  • There are 165 Jews that are billionaires.
  • They are worth $812 million.
  • Michael Bloomberg is the second richest Jew.
  • The first richest Jew is the CEO of some company called Oracle. (Do they do fortune telling? Is there even $$ in that?)
  • The two people that founded Google are Jewish AND billionaires.

My favorite comments in the comment section:

I hope there’s a nice doctor in that list for my daughter.

I think it’s neato that Jews decided they weren’t going to be lumped into that whole “white privilege” thing.

I don’t understand why the rich goyim don’t have their religions disclosed when they’re on these lists. The whole “Jews have all the money” bit is getting old.

On another, more sobering note:

Gawker also jokes that there may be a connection between the information released on this list and conspiracy theories about the Boston bombings. “Hmm,” Gawker asks, “interesting… or is it not a coincidence at all?”  Really Gawker, really?! Are you really making corrupt-Jews-run-the-world jokes?? I would have hoped we left that stuff back in 1945.

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