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Here Comes Mayor Weiner

Every politician should have an Oops face this classic.

Anthony Weiner is considering running for mayor of New York City. With his major political scandal now behind him, the rumor is he actually might have a shot at this difficult position, hard as it may seem to believe. His political career might not, as it once seemed, have come to a premature finish.

But really, puns aside, we at New Voices support Weiner for Mayor. After all, doesn’t every politician make some bizarre mistake or another? In fact, don’t we all make mistakes? Don’t we all occasionally find ourselves in our tighty-whiteys, smartphone in hand, camera angled at our private bits, ready to snap and send to the world at large via Twitter? Or, you know, something less idiotic.  But we all need forgiveness for something, even if we haven’t publicly sexted pictures of ourselves.

So let’s go soft on the poor man. Back in his day, there was no Snapchat. Photos were permanent. There was hard evidence, and he didn’t see it coming (nor, come to think of it, did his wife, or at least that’s what she said). We don’t need to shove it down his throat. In fact, his bravery should be applauded. It takes a stiff upper to face down your own flaws and get back in the game. Weiner is no limp noodle.

Okay, we really are finished now. We didn’t even think these would all fit, to be quite frank.

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