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Make Friends and Learn About Sports: Counting The Omer 2013


Ways To Make Counting The Omer The Best Experience Of Your Life:

  1. Think about the unlimited cheese cake and ice cream that await you.
  2. Take time to appreciate the ephemerality of life
  3. Make music out of the silence (but don’t enjoy it too much)
  4. Hang out with the Simpsons and learn a lot of “fun” Jewish facts about them.
  5. Relive your favorite Omar from The Wire moments
  6. Make friends, but only if you live in San Fransisco (pretty sure you can do this in New York too my friends, hint hint)
  7. Of course, there’s an app for that
  8. Be reminded of all the movies you haven’t actually watched.
  10. Learn about Sports (and then be able to more successfully pretend to like them).
  11. Friend the Omer on facebook! OMG then all your friends will know that youre counting! (I wonder what the Omer does during the other  311 days of the year. Find out!)
  12. Just count like a regular person

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