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Raisman Cha Cha Cha’s Her Way To Second Place

Aly practicing her hip-pop for her DWTS dance, cc

Imagine my delight to see this face staring out at me as I browsed my morning newsfeeds. That’s right America, Aly Raisman is back in the spotlight. And girl can dance.

Though last I heard she wanted to start her own fashion line, Aly is taking a short detour into a different world of heels and jewels: that of Dancing With The Stars. Paired with hunky and tattooed dancer Mark Ballas, Aly cha cha cha’ed her way across the dance floor last night, with hip shaking moves that would make even your sexiest grandma lower her eye glasses. Pink lipstick and all.

The Behind-the-scenes rehearsal clips show a pared down and goofy Raisman: cracking jokes about her partner’s “risqué” legs, the British accent that she picked up while in London, and how her dance moves make her feel like a caterpillar. She also swirls her booty like an all-star. Despite all of this, her gymnastic rigidity was evident, and Ballas mentions that will probably be the biggest obstacle for Aly as she vies for the DWTS Gold.

Which made the transformation from rehearsal studio stiffness to dance floor sexhouse during her performance even more incredible. The leggings came off and the beads were thrown on. “I didn’t expect that of you!” was a pervasive theme from the judges, and one that I shared. I’m no glittered-dance-floor-savante, but, as I watched the duo shimmy across the floor, I couldn’t help but be reminded of this silly scene from a recent Oscar-winning-movie. All in all though, totally satisfying, and I bet I’ll be tuning in for next week. Or, just watching pre-curated clips on YouTube the next morning. Either way, my Raisman Crush remains strong.

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