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This Naughty Bread Kinda Looks Like Hamentaschen

One of our tasks here at The Conspiracy is to bring our readers the latest in Jewish-themed content and commentary. Another is to keep abreast of the Internet’s many “Wow!” and “WTF?” moments. Sometimes, as if by the mighty hand of an evil god, the two beautifully (horrifically?) unite.

Posted by Luke Y. Thompson of famed nerd blog Topless Robot (who sourced it from Laughing Squid, who credit Kotaku): Take one painful look at what might destroy your faith in a Loving Creator finally, resoundingly, and for all time.

Behold: Vagina bread. Strangely? It kinda looks like a bunch of hamentaschen smushed together.

Hey, it’s better than eating Haman’s ears. | Originally posted on Kotaku (via 2ch)

I’m not sure what the context for this photo is. Frankly, I don’t think all the context in the world would ever yield a reality in which this is any kind of okay.

But take a look at some, uh, normal hamentaschen (albeit, pizza-flavored!).

Good hamentaschen. Good, non-suggestive pastries.

Now. Look at the… other… bread again. The picture of the animated Japanese woman just makes this infinitely more painful.

Photo from Kotaku (via 2ch)

I’m calling it: The terrorists win. Awful game, everyone.

[walks away]

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