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BuzzFeed’s Kosher Kick

BuzzFeed, that random website that sort of just shows up in your Facebook newsfeed from time to time, apparently has a bit of a thing for the Jews. From 31 Reasons Why Bar & Bat Mitzvahs Were The Best to 25 Delicious Ways To Use Matzoh (and believe me, they get pretty creative in that one), BuzzFeed has got your tuchus covered. And now, it seems, they’re on a bit of a Kosher-kvetching kick.

A BuzzFeed staffer posted an article last week called The 16 Most Annoying Things About Keeping Kosher, which was rather entertaining, but as an Orthodox Jew, also a bit educational in different ways of keeping kosher. I sympathized with some of the items– for example, #13, having to bring your own food on vacations, which I just did a couple months ago on my honeymoon– but was bewildered by others: #6: Restaurants always serve you a cheeseburger instead of a hamburger. I wouldn’t be able to eat any meat in a restaurant that serves cheeseburgers to begin with, so suffice it to say, that’s never happened to me. There are definitely at least 16 things I could come up with that suck about keeping kosher, but ordering a hamburger and getting a cheeseburger instead just isn’t on there. Mostly, it was interesting to learn that some people keep the whole waiting between meat and dairy thing, but will eat out in a non-kosher restaurant.

Worry not, though. For those readers who keep a stricter version of kosher, another BuzzFeed staffer wrote 14 Even MORE Annoying Things About Keeping Kosher a few days later. Sadly, this article isn’t as entertaining as the first, and takes more time explaining kosher laws than laughing about them, but it does speak more to the Orthodox crowd who spend extra “dolla bills” on kosher meat, and pack their own lunches every day.

Finally, BuzzFeed added that most vital piece to the kosher puzzle with the article 16 Most Annoying Things About Keeping Kosher…In A Muslim Country, something I’m sure we can all relate to, like smelling the tempting aroma of…Kokorec?

Anyway, I’m sure we can all look forward to many more Jewish BuzzFeed posts, though it seems the kosher digression is over. In the meantime, here’s a cat.

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