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Five Jewish Dating Sites Whose Names Don’t Rhyme With Day Jate

Yenta’s website offers dating advice. Also the opportunity to meet your “JewBoo.”

Though the Yelp-like app Lulu, which invites women to publicly review and rate men in a number of categories, has yet to be adapted to a Jewish version, we Jews have no shortage of creative ways to meet and mingle with the opposite gender using our smartphones.

Everyone knows about (the many, many) classic Jewish dating sites like JDate, but there are plenty more out there that don’t take the typical route to matchmaking. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve decided to help all our single readers (or those looking to, er, expand beyond their relationships) out with a brief review of some of the more inventive Jewish dating sites and apps.

Yenta: A mobile app that uses GPS to help you find a “JewBoo” in your vicinity, for…whatever it is immediate JewBoos are good for. (Yes, we are implying rated PG-13 or R material.) Essentially, this is the kosher-certified version of SinglesAroundMe. Though they don’t have an app yet, it’s hard to imagine the Jewish moms behind this site won’t nudge their way onto the app-sphere soon. As we reviewed recently, The JMom is the tragic collision of “old school matchmaking” and the new dating website phenomenon, as moms post profiles for their darling kinderlach. One of many sites that rely on a more “traditional” approach to dating—that is, relying on matchmakers, or shadchanim, to set you up. Similar sites include and for Y.U. students. These sites are, predictably, more geared toward the Orthodox crowds, and usually don’t let you see other profiles until they’re matchmaker-approved. In other words, pretty much the opposite of the Yenta approach. A twist to the classic dating site, Jewster focuses heavily on community. The site offers not only singles’ profiles, but community events and organizations to support. Even your subscription fee goes to support a non-profit of your choice. Their claim to distinction among the zillions of other Jewish dating sites is, aside from being free, providing AccuPic Trust Ratings, which let you know just how trustworthy someone’s picture actually is, for those of you who are sick of meeting up with the bald, fat man who looks like the father of the man who were talking to.

And there are hundreds more. Whether it’s a quick and easy hookup you want or a start to the rest of your life this Valentine’s Day, there’s an app (or at least a site) for that.

Happy Hunting!

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