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Sarah Silverman, the Pope and Some Editors Walk Into an Email…

Get excited. This is a special behind-the-scenes-at-New-Voices blog post. It’s also an excuse to post the above video here on The Conspiracy.

You excited? You ready? This how the sausage gets made at New Voices:

I saw something on Facebook about how Sarah Silverman’s sister, Rabbi Susan Silverman, was arrested at the Western Wall in the latest round of Women of the Wall arrests.

So I emailed a few of the hard-working, underpaid students who edit New Voices to suggest that we do an interview with Susan Silverman because she sounds like an interesting person and also because I have a strange fascination with celebrity sibling rabbis.

Arts & Culture Editor John Propper replied:

On any other day but this one, this would be the most interesting news I’ve heard. But since I live in Catholic Land [John goes to a Catholic university], all I’m hearing is “OMG NEW POPE.”

Since I get pretty much all of my news from NPR, that’s about all I’ve heard all day too.

Anyway, John also included the video above, “one of the rare intersections of the Silvermans, Jews in general and the Pope in particular,” as he put it.


P.S. If that scintillating account of what happens behind the scenes here at New Voices made you really jealous of all the fun we’re having, consider writing for us — or apply to take over my full-time salaried position as Editor in Chief when I step down in June.

P.P.S. If you’re like me and the prospect of an interview with Sarah Silverman is likely to make you perk up than the prospect of an interview with her sister, Susan, get excited. We’re all over it.

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