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Jewish doctors? Sign me up, Mom!

In our latest update of Bizarre Jewish Dating Ideas, today we bring you:

Remember the good old days when Mama used to meddle in her children’s lives way too much, back before men and women were allowed to choose their own spouses? For reference, see Fiddler on the Roof. It worked so well there. Well, the founders of JMom are bringing those glory days back to you, right here on your very own PC/Mac/mobile device– and now advertising on Facebook, for all those savvy moms already making use of the Interwebs in funky ways.

The JMom, or “Matchmaking Mom’s Way,” is designed to provide “old school matchmaking with a 21st Century twist.” In other words, they’ve decided to combine the two worst aspects of both into one truly frightening concept, where two wrongs apparently make a dating website.

The idea, as you can probably gather, is for Jewish mothers to find their children’s happily ever after through online dating—well, online meeting of other mothers who are hawking their own children online. Ostensibly, this will lead to a fruitful matchmaking and of course the creation of Jewish grandchildren.

The website looks like any other dating site, with a homepage of images of others supposedly using the site, except the exuberant pop-up exclaims “Find your child’s beshert today!” and the dropdown options say “My daughter/son is interested in a male/female.”

“Ready to play matchmaker? Sign up now!”

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