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Lena Dunham Gets More Awesome

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Oh, Lena Dunham.

Every awkward girl out there now has a role model to pin her hopes and dreams on; every female writer can hold her up and say, “Look, she can do it. Maybe I can too.” It’s a nice fantasy. Because not only does she have a wildly successful, award-winning television show (based solely on being that awkward girl/aspiring female writer) (and oh wait, she writes, produces, directs, and stars in it) (did we mention HBO has already asked for a third season?), and not only was she advanced $3.7 million for a book she has yet to write, but now it seems Dunham has signed a contract with HBO for yet another TV show. So the dream of being the next Lena Dunham is growing in leaps and bounds to become the most wildly fantastic dream ever.

The new show is based on personal shopper Betty Halbreich’s memoir All Dressed Up and Everywhere to Go, and “will provide insight into Manhattan’s world of high fashion.” Insert Golden Globes Lena Dunham fashion disaster joke here. The premise doesn’t sound too incredibly interesting, nor does it seem anything like something suited for Dunham’s dry humor and awkwardness extroidianaire, but we wouldn’t put anything past her.

Did we mention Dunham is only 26 years old? Time to add her to the list of Wildly Successful Young People Who Make Everyone Else Look Like Failures.

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