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Dear Students: Get Paid to Run a Blog

The Global Jewish Voice is hiring a new Editor.

The position of GJV Editor is for an undergraduate university student, preferably based in the U.S. It lasts for approximately one semester and begins ASAP. The position reports to the Editor in Chief of New Voices. The GJV Editor receives a $500 stipend and has the opportunity to publish their own work in New Voices.

The Global Jewish Voice is a collaboration between New Voices, the World Union of Jewish Students and AJC-ACCESS. The GJV seeks to decrease the isolation of Jewish communities outside the U.S. and Israel and increase awareness of them by publishing the writing of Jewish students from around the world.

GJV Editor responsibilities:

  • Manage (and sometimes hire) 10 student writers from across the globe
  • Editing and publish daily posts by the writers
  • Write occasional blog posts as needed
  • Promote GJV on social media
  • Manage the blog’s WordPress backend
  • Select the best post every week for publication on the New Voices blog, The Conspiracy

A successful applicants must:

  • Be a current undergrad university student
  • Be willing and able to edit work by authors for whom English is a second language
  • Have or be willing to develop cross-cultural communication skills
  • Be familiar with the American and/or international Jewish experience
  • Have experience in journalistic writing, reporting and/or editing
A successful application may also, but is not required to:
  • Be based in the U.S.
  • Have some experience managing peers
  • Have knowledge of WordPress

To apply, please send a resume/CV, cover letter and at least two writing and/or editing examples to ASAP.

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