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If 1/3 of You Gave $5 This Week…

Actually, if fewer than 1/3 of the people who visit this website this week gave $5, we would raise $5,000 in a week. Or, if fewer than half of this week’s visitors gave just $3.

The point is that we’re a lean and scrappy organization with a budget under $100,000. That’s all it takes to engage Jewish college students as content creators and consumers, to train the future of Jewish journalism — and to keep you supplied with eye-opening articles year-round.

Every single person who donates to New Voices and the Jewish Student Press Service — no matter the size of their gift — is making an important and measurable contribution to the cause of Jewish continuity, Jewish student expression, Jewish journalism and independent Jewish discourse.

If you believe in New Voices — if you value it as a place where Jewish students can speak their mind, if you believe in forging the future of independent Jewish journalism — consider a donation to New Voices and the Jewish Student Press Service this season.


Chappy Chanukah,
David A.M. Wilensky,
Editor in Chief

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