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PHY: PSY in Yiddish

This article is the third in the series “Procrastination HaYom”– a week-long series of funny videos, websites, articles, and pictures that will do nothing to help you get that A, but everything to help keep you sane during finals time. 

You know something’s made it big when Hasidim know about it. Or potential Hasidim. Yeshivish, maybe?

While commenters under the YouTube video passionately argue to the point of inanity—nothing new there—over the detailed point of whether the group is made up of Hasidim or “regular yeshiva guys,” the rest of the viewers simply watch in amusement at what appears to be a Yiddish version of that ever-present Gangnam Style being performed at an Orthodox wedding.

Men in black and white dance excitedly to the song, waving their hands and jumping enthusiastically, while words like “Hey sexy lady” are replaced with “פאר א געלאסינע חתונה.” (With the help of one of our commenters– thanks, Hershl Hartman!– we have determined this to mean “For a laid-back wedding.”) The trademark horse gallop dance move, so flattering to all dancers, has not seemed to infiltrate the Orthodox community just yet.

Apparently, Gangnam Style is one of those phenomena that appeal equally to all humans, much like chocolate or swimming in the summertime.



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