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If You Give $5 This Week…

If every visitor to this week gave $5, you would all collectively be donating about one fifth of our annual budget.

Click here to make this Chanukah happier for New Voices and the Jewish Student Press Service.

You might have noticed we changed the theme of this Chanukah blog post onslaught halfway through the holiday. We just figured emphasizing only $5 might be more productive. Is it?We’re willing to bet you can spare $5. Or $3. Or $1. Consider how much you’re able to give and consider what an impact your donation will make here at New Voices and the Jewish Student Press Service.

Our budget is less than $100,000. Every single donation matters to us. Every single donor matters to us. When the lights come back on in our office every morning, it’s because people like you — people who know how important the uncensored, unsupervised, unmitigated voices of young Jews are — stepped up and made a donation. If you believe in New Voices, if you value it as a place where Jewish students can weigh in and speak their mind — consider donating to New Voices and the Jewish Student Press Service this season.

Click here to donate.

Chappy Chanukah,
David A.M. Wilensky,
Editor in Chief of New Voices

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