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GJV: Sneaking Silence Toward the War in Syria

Flotilla ship the Mavi Marmara [CC: Free Gaza movement]

The elections are over (nice try Florida) and New York is inundated with snow and floodwater. There’s no better a moment to shift your focus to the international Jewish student scene. Hungarian writer Gavriel Shalom takes us from Budapest to Gaza, with a final stop in Syria. Enjoy an excerpt below and read the full article over at the Global Jewish Voice:

“This is 2012; we are years from the last Gaza-operation, Cast Lead. […] I’m writing from Budapest, Hungary. The main Hungarian news sources informed the TV viewers a lot about the operation, and showed how many civilians died during Israel’s action. […] Then the flotilla arrived in 2010.

“Peaceful activists,” as they called themselves on the boat. […] Israel offered this option: Dock in Ashdod, and allow Israel to deliver the aid to Gaza by trucks. […] They wanted to show to the world Israel’s “reaction.” They planned to record Israeli soldiers’ responses to their attacks. And they did. […] In 2012, the so-called Arab Spring has started. Civilians rose against their country’s regimes. Some succeeded, some did not. In Syria, where the civilians woke up against their government more than a year ago, it seems it’s never ending. The Syrian regime’s soldiers are killing these civilians day by day. Since they started to fight, almost 29,000 innocent people died, with more than 100,000 wounded. […] Where is the aid flotilla towards Syria?”

Get the rest of the story over the Global Jewish Voice, an initiative of New Voices Magazine in partnership with AJC: Access and the World Union of Jewish Students.

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