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GJV: Can’t Make Peace With Evil


What’s new with the globe? You could have watched the foreign policy debate last night. But, if you actually want to learn anything, you might instead read this week’s Global Jewish Voice highlight. As Israel’s climate teeters on the edge of war, Author Liran Shamriz sounds off on the moral conflicts plaguing the Israeli region. Featured excerpts appear below, but you should really read the rest of the article, Can’t Make Peace with Evil.

I am tired of these religious, nationalistic, fundamentalist fanatics, which always drag all of mankind into war. […] They yell “human rights!” and then neglect their own people’s human rights. It’s as if a killer will yell that killing is a crime, testify against other killers, and keep on with his butchery. […] You probably said, “Yes. This is true. They are evil. We must win”. And they, your biggest enemies, probably read it and said, “Yes. This is true. They are evil. We must win”. […] Certainty is the only relief to our doubtful existence. […] At least you’ll die happy.

Get the rest of the story over the Global Jewish Voice, an initiative of New Voices Magazine in partnership with AJC: Access and the World Union of Jewish Students.


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