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Hathaway Hitches Into Da Tribe

And she’s at it again. After making headlines last Monday for her quick smooch outside a Los Angeles Jewish Community Center, Anne Hathaway is back in the spotlight.

But this time, she got married. Former cat seductress Anne Hathaway tied the knot this past Saturday night with Jewish fiancé Adam Shulman, much to everyone’s surprise (okay, by “everyone” I mean all the people who stalk her without knowing her) (me) (and every other journalist out there).

“I am very much in love with him,” Anne told People magazine last year. “I was really actually looking for a little alone time, and then I fell in love like a fool!”

Over 100 people attended the event, which took place in Big Sur on the California coast. The rustic-themed wedding was planned by design maven Yifat Oren, the very same wedding planner as new tribe-in-law Natalie Portman.

Though she reportedly told various tabloids that she wouldn’t wed until next year, the star and her beau looked haute and happy standing together on the California coast. And how appropriate, to get married on erev-erev Sukkot—the (arguably) happiest holiday of the year.

People reports that the ceremony was lush with branches and other nature-y decor, in order for the indoor nuptials to blend in with the Beautiful Big Sur surroundings.
Whatever the reason for the timing of this weekend’s wedding, the two beautiful brunettes seem happy as clams in the blurry photos spreading around the interwebs. Dressed in a crisp Valentino dress with a dainty headdress, Anne looked as though she stepped out of a 1920’s wedding portrait. Shulman was dapper in a blackbowtie.But, we at the Conspiracy smell a conspiracy…branches at the nuptials? Nature-themed decor? Sounds like someone was inadvertently taken hold of by the Sukkot fever! (Is that a chupah you’re standing under, or a sukkah… amiright?!)

Shulman, who majored in theatre at Brown University, currently co-owns James Banks Designs , a concept-based jewelry website. A “light bulb” necklace goes for $1,100. Shulman has also acted small roles in various television shows and played the deputy sheriff in The Dukes of Hazzard for-TV movie.

While it seems like maybe the film-related-stuff should be left to Anne, its nice to know that unique anniversary presents will always be readily available.

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