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Proudly Run by The ‘Young & Inexperienced’ for Over 40 Years!

Remember that time when the Zionist Organization of America’s Mort Klein went on a tear about me, observing that I was “young and inexperienced,” and thus unqualified to critique official Jews such as himself? (Here’s what I wrote at the time.)

Right on, Mort! We are proud to say we’ve been run for over 40 years by the “young and inexperienced”! (Aka: “the Jewish future,” “Jewish college students,” “the next generation of Jewish communal leadership,” among other aliases.) Help support us in this new year.


UPDATE: Despite the handicap of youth, at least we’re still tax exempt! Meanwhile, Mort’s governance over there at the ZOA has led the organization to lose its tax-exempt status (as the Forward’s Josh Nathan-Kazis, a former New Voices editor, has been reporting). Luckily, I was able to explain to Mort how all this tax exempt stuff works. It’s quite simple, really.

But seriously, in this traditional season of Jewish fundraising, New Voices and the Jewish Student Press Service could really use your support. We depend heavily on small contributions from individual donors who are committed to making sure this platform for Jewish students continues to exist.


 It’s 5773! Rejoice by making a — tax-deductible! — donation to New Voices and the JSPS.

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