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It’s not every day a Jewish college student gets to announce the commencement of a new (or is it the continuation of a millennia-old?) media conspiracy. So we intend to do so with great pride and pomp. Insofar as such, heretofore and wherewithal:

Welcome, one and all! To those coming from far, from near, from WiFi and from dial-up—and even those on their oh-so-precious iPhones—we invite you to join in the induction of The Conspiracy, the grand and brand-new beginning of New Voices’ student blog.

This year, the blog will do the same impressive business it’s always done—daily posts by nationwide students on a wide range of issues—but it’s also up to entirely new shenanigans. We’ll have more entertainment pieces [read: Jewish celebrities doing ridiculous, and sometimes sexy, things], posts about the wit and little bits of college life [ever have a strange rumination about the life of stomach lint in between classes?], stimulating political coverage, creatively written pieces, profiles on awesome fellow students and loads more.

We understand if you feel overwhelmed. The excitement is hard for us to contain as well.

So, come in, sit down, gulp that pre-bounding-to-class coffee, and join The Conspiracy!

We promise it’ll be loads of fun, and give you something to talk about with that person in that class that you’ve always wanted to befriend.


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