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Now Hiring! Part III: Arts & Culture Freelancers

Pictured: one of the many happy New Voices writers (…or something…). | Photo by Flickr user Louish Pixel. (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

As if it wasn’t amazing enough that we’re looking for some student writers and editors to work for us part-time all semester… and if it wasn’t amazing enough that we’re looking for a new someone for a full-time gig, we’re looking for some freelancers too:

Attention college students with itchy keyboard fingers and clever ideas:

We want to pay you (yes, pay you — as in real ca$h money!) to contribute to the Arts & Culture section here at New Voices this semester.

If you have an interest in Jewish artists, musicians, film, etc…. we want you.

If you want to tackle mainstream art from a Jewish perspective… we want you.

If there is brilliant essay lurking up your sleeve about the state of Jewish culture in America today… we want you. (Or  a mediocre one, really. Or even a half-formed idea that you think we can help you flesh out.)

Not sure what you want to write about? That’s fine. If you bring the skills, we’ll set the topics. But we like pitches too.

Did we mention the money? It’s $25 for each published piece.

New Voices wants insightful culture writers, incisive arts critics… and so forth. We’re even willing to take on people wish they were insightful and/or incisive and think they could become so. This goes beyond basic reviews and shallow opinions. We want to know why the art is relevant, or why it sucks like a Hoover vacuum in mating season.

We also like feature stories. Take us behind the scenes, into the minds of the artists. Interview skills are useful, buuut prior experience isn’t necessary. (We can even teach you how to know when unnecessarily elongating the word “but” is appropriate.)

For more information, contact Arts & Culture editor John Wofford:

We’ll love you long time.

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