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First, a “BDS conference” at Penn… and now a “pinkwashing conference” at CUNY?

2010 Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem. Photo: wiki commons via The Algemeiner

You may recall the “BDS conference” at the University of Pennsylvania earlier this year. Well, strap in folks, because an even more overly niche-y conference has the Jewish community crying foul. A report in the Algemeiner alerted me to this gem:

The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies at City University of New Yorkplans to hold a conferenceon “Homonationalism and Pinkwashing” next year, which intends to accuse Israel of using their strong record on gay rights to detract from the “oppression of Palestinians”, while ignoring “the existence of Palestinian gay-rights organizations”, according to a release from CLAGS.

Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, who sits on the Board of CUNY Trustees calls the conference “disgusting” and plans to bring the issue to the Chancellor’s office, which he believes may be unaware of the issue.

Yeah, that’ll be fun. My guess is that the conference goes ahead as planned — those pesky academics hate to look like they’re infringing on intellectual freedoms — but that it ends up being another scantily-attended conference on a subject that virtually no one cares about.

(And by no one, of course, we mean institutional pro-Israel leadership will have 12 different aneurysms over it.)


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