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New Matisyahu? Yup yup. [Musik]

With the announcement that Jewish reggae/rapper/pop artist Matisyahu would be releasing a new album on July 17th (Spark Seeker, be there or be… not there) came the news that the artist would also offer a free download of its lead single. Above is the video. Click through for more info on how to get an MP3 of the track.

What follows is an excerpt from the press release about the album:

Now based with his family in Los Angeles, Matisyahu blasts off yet again with Spark Seeker, a bold new studio album that finds the one-of-a-kind vocalist and songwriter exploring uncharted territory with help from an expansive cast of collaborators from around the globe.  The album mixes ancient traditional sounds with futuristic electro beats, rapping with singing, and songs of the spirit with songs of the body.

The album has a depth to it as well as a lightness, which alludes to the most essential theme of the record–that everything in life, especially music, exists in mixtures and blends.  “Things are not as black and white as we would like to think.  Not everything can be oversimplified,” says Matisyahu.

The first single, “Sunshine” rides what might be the most uplifting groove in Matisyahu’s catalog. In the hard-hitting “Live Like A Warrior,” Matisyahu describes feelings of frustration and desperation, while; elsewhere, “Searchin” pairs a gritty digital-dancehall beat with chanted lyrics and “I Believe in Love” exemplifies the album’s deep melodic streak.

Throughout Spark Seeker you can hear Matisyahu embodying the album’s title—and embracing its humble promise. “This is definitely pushing the boundaries of what I’ve done before,” he acknowledges. “It’s a new kind of record for me.” At this point we’d expect nothing less.

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