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Jewish media mogul compares Palestinian people to unicorns [pause, not]

Mark Zuckerberg is more pro-Palestinian than Newt Gingrich

Apparently Facebook is more accepting of Palestinian peoplehood than, oh, I don’t know, Newt Gingrich.

Obviously, this joke was too good to be missed, so I posted this very screenshot to Facebook earlier today.  David (the Editor here) aptly pointed out that Facebook isn’t actually claiming that the Palestinians are a people, just that there do in fact exist Palestinian people.  His analogy:

Like, you could post about unicorns and Facebook might agree that you were talking about them without making any sort of claim about their actual existence.

To which I replied:

Careful, I see an Electronic Intifada headline right there: “Jewish Media Mogul Compares Palestinian People to Unicorns.”

This, of course, was just begging to be turned into a blog post.  So here we are!

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