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Jews support marriage equality; bad April Fools joke; and more. [Required Reading]

A pride event in Tel Aviv, 2011. | Photo by ninasaurusrex (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Majority of Jews support marriage equality [Forward]

Though it probably won’t come as a surprise to most of you that there are liberal Jews (GASP!), turns out an overwhelming majority of Jews support the equality of all persons to marry their partner, regardless of sexual orientation. Specifically, 81%. The Jewish Daily Forward writes:

“Marriages between gay and lesbian Jews are increasingly accepted by Jewish religious groups. Reform Judaism officially announced its support for gay marriage 1990s, and Conservative Judaism in 2006. No Orthodox groups accept same sex marriage, though the issue of homosexuality has been the subject of increased debate among the Modern Orthodox.

The new survey, conducted online by the Public Religion Research Institute in February and March of this year, polled roughly 1,000 Jews. While the survey found that more than eight in ten Jews favor allowing same-sex marriage, the survey also showed that only 48% of Jewish Republicans support the…”

Discrimination at Brooklyn College? [JTA]

After accusations that Brooklyn College’s Provost engaged in discriminatory behavior, a number of individuals are pushing for a full-on investigation. JTA reports:

“Twenty elected officials are demanding an investigation into allegations that female Jewish faculty and other academics suffered discrimination at Brooklyn College.

The officials sent a letter Tuesday to the chancellor of the City University of New York alleging that Brooklyn College’s provost, William Tramontano, engaged in discrimination regarding faculty hiring and promotion. Brooklyn College is part of the CUNY system.

The letter said that ‘numerous accusations have been voiced regarding Provost Tramontano’s racial, anti-female and blatantly illegal actions’ and that ‘we demand an immediate and thorough investigation by an independent group into these actions.'”

This just in: school newspaper makes questionable Jewish jokes [Tablet]

Turns out an April Fools joke in Fordham University’s undergraduate newspaper that suggested the Jesuit school was going Jewish wasn’t so funny after all. Tablet Magazine reports:

The Ram, which serves Fordham’s larger college in the Bronx, has not posted the article online, and I’ve been unable to obtain a copy. The Ram’s editors have not replied to a request for comment. According to people who saw it, the joke was that Fordham, a Jesuit university with campuses in Manhattan and the Bronx, was going to turn Jewish. Most of the jokes were innocent—that its new competition would be Yeshiva University, for example. The prime red flag came in the byline, which apparently attributed the article to one ‘Herschel Q. Goldberg, staff investment banker.’

Fordham has experienced a few bias incidents in the past weeks—notably, a black student had a racial slur penned on her door—which exacerbated the effect of the article, according to Fordham’s director of communications, Robert J. Howe. ‘Frankly, most of it was just silly, but there were a couple of things,’ he said.”

Is the Israeli conflict too complex to sum up in a simple article? [The Onion]

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