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New Voices on Al-Jazeera (for real this time) [Self-Promotion]

As promised, I was on Al Jazeera on Monday, where I joined:

  • Pro-Palestine activist Max Blumenthal,
  • editor Ben Shapiro,
  • Al Jazeera anchor Derrick Ashong,
  • Al Jazeera online producer Malika Bilal,
  • Stanford University Student Body President Michael Cruz
  • and Occupy AIPAC organizer Sasha Gelzin

for a discussion on AIPAC and college Jews with a focus on “blackwashing,” or using African-American students to highlight positive aspects of Israel’s record.

I did get to ask Blumenthal two questions, one during the main show and a follow-up during the post show. Watch the video for yourself to see how it played out.

You’ll also get a sneak peak of the office of the student newspaper at American Univeristy in Washington, D.C., The Eagle (it was the only place I could get a real Internet connection).

(Fun fact: Sasha, Lois (the Stream’s editorial intern) and I all currently attend AU. And Ben Connors, the tech guy,  is a proud alum. Go Eagles! Represent!)

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