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Attend Jews in the Woods 2012! [DIY Judaism]

Back in 2007, New Voices reported on the “demise” of a curious creature called Jews in the Woods.  I am enormously excited to tell you that this weekend it will happen again!  Over fifty young Jews will come together in beautiful North Scituate, Rhode Island, for two days of praying, singing, hiking, meditating, discussing and eating delicious food we’ve cooked for each other.

Jews in the Woods is an entirely participant-run pluralistic Shabbaton (Shabbat retreat) for Jews exactly like you.  We have no denominational or institutional affiliation.  It’s entirely about a deliberate community of (probably very different) Jews who want to teach and learn from each other.  Folks have offered to lead sessions on Jewish conceptions of self-preservation, “acro-yoga” (yes, this exists – get stoked) and everything in between.  (And let’s be honest – what doesn’t fall between those two?)

Check out the Facebook event, and register for the low price of twenty five dollars and chai cents!  The registration fee includes all food and lodging.  We’re providing transportation from Providence (easily accessible by train or bus) to the retreat site (about half an hour) on Friday and back again on Sunday.

I hope to see you there!

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