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Israeli Apartheid Week continues; Obama’s Jewish fundraiser; Agunot and Facebook, and more [Required Reading]

Sen. Barack Obama smiles

President Obama raised over $800,000 at a 'Jewish' fundraiser last night | photo By SEIU Walk a Day in My Shoes 2008, edit by Matthias.kötter (CC-BY-2.0), via Wikimedia Commons

Training to be a Jew [Tablet]

Jake Kohlman, a Jewish soldier in the American armed forces, reflects on how his basic training enabled him to connect to his religion.

“At that Sunday service, for the first time, I started to understand. The chaplain’s words lifted my spirits. I remembered why I had joined in the first place, to the shock of my family and friends. My mother is slightly to the left of Keith Olbermann, and no one in my social circle was in the military. I’d never doubted my decision, but right then, after just four days in the Army, I needed that reassurance that this was a higher calling.”

 How to Cope with Israeli Apartheid Week [Haaretz]

Josh Mintz on why not to take IAW so seriously.

“College is the birthplace of exaggerated emotions and extreme ideologies. Thankfully, it is also normally their graveyard. It’s the place where people go to learn that ideas exist, and it normally takes them nearly all of their time there to realize that most of those ideas are only any good if, like beer and whisky, they are taken in moderation. If not, then you just get drunk on them and do stupid things. Since getting drunk on beer and whisky and doing stupid things is pretty much the hallmark of most people’s college experiences (especially in the progressive, predominantly liberal-arts schools where Israeli Apartheid Week takes place) then why do we get so upset when they do the same thing with their ideas as they do with their Bud Light?”

 He said she said? Just check their statuses [The Jewish Week]
The battle over men who elect not to grant their wives a get, thus making them still legally married under Jewish law, has come to the internet. Rabbi Jason Miller weighs in.
“This might be the first example of how social media can help get a recalcitrant husband to end the marital legal war and present his wife with a get, but it likely will not be the last. Prior to the immense growth in popularity of social networking sites, recalcitrant husbands were compelled to give a get through ads in local Jewish newspapers and boycotts of their business. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other social media will be the weapon of choice in future agunah cases.”
Obama Courts Jewish Voters [Politico]
An Obama fundraiser held last night targeted the president’s Jewish constituency. The event raised nearly a million dollars, leading one shrewd Politco commentator to ask “how much do kosher appetizers cost?”

Israeli Apartheid Week? Je Ne Veux Pas [Ynet]

A Paris University cancelled a conference entitled “Israel: an apartheid state?” that was scheduled to be held by a pro-Palestinian group yesterday.
“The university accused the organization of taking a radical stance on the issue and said that after offering the group an alternative option to the radical anti-Israel conference  – such as holding a study day for a pluralistic public debate – the group refused.”

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