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New Voices is gonna be on Al Jazeera. Kind of. [WTF]

On Friday, we published an editorial about the NYPD’s practice of spying on Muslim college students. Apparently someone at Al Jazeera read it.

Last night, I spoke on the phone with someone at Al Jazeera about talking on Al Jazeera about it. Kind of.

Al Jazeera — yes, the English language version — has a show called The Stream, which features a few experts in the studio along with a gaggle of others who chime in via a Google+ video Hangout. Some of them are invited to ask their questions periodically throughout the show. As I write this, I’m watching the episode of The Stream embedded above, the first episode I’ve ever seen. It’s a pretty good show.

And I’ll be joining them via Google+ for today’s episode at 2:30 EST. And maybe I’ll actually put in a brief appearance to ask a question of one of today’s in-studio talking head guests, Glenn Greenwald and Faiza Patel.

The show seems to maintain its forward momentum mostly via the contributions of their community of viewer/contributors. So you can join in on twitter by tweeting @AJStream or #AJStream or on Facebook.

Al Jazeera English, which is still unavailable via many American cable companies, posts everything on YouTube all the time, so if you want to watch, but can’t tune in while it’s live, it’ll be on YouTube later. And whether I actually get to ask a question or not, I’ll do a post afterward with the episode embedded.


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