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Sabra League Baseball [Global Jewish Voice]

Israel may field a baseball team for the next World Baseball Classic. Can you say ק-ו-פ-ק-ס ?

The latest from the Global Jewish Voice:

The Shul-bound southpaw, Sandy Koufax

Sabra League Baseball

By Gabriel T. Erbs in Portland

Citing a recent ESPN article, Heeb Magazine reported that a slew of former MLB players met with Israeli baseball officials to discuss the potential of an Israeli team at the 2013 World Baseball Classic.

For a generation of Jewish baseball fans whose fathers know every Sandy Koufax statistic – and whose grandfathers cheered on Hank Greenberg – this is exciting news.


When I was in yeshiva in Jerusalem, my fellow Americans and I starved for anything baseball. We share citizens, weapons and Natalie Portman. Why not the National Pastime?

Oversees, I played a lot of catch. Either the ball rolled away into a variety of unavoidable hazards (thickets, ancient ruins, etc.) or school-age Haredi onlookers gave us the stink-eye while we occupied their soccer pitch.


Instead, they played baseball, or the tuba. Or even worse, soccer (I played baseball as a youngster – it was no surprise when an eight-year old Israeli cheder boy schooled me on the pitch while I coddled matching bruises on my shins.)


Read the rest over at the Global Jewish Voice.

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