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A Portrait of MLK | Today in New Voices

(Photo by Ana Santos/The Eagle)

Zach C. Cohen

Today in New Voices, we have American University correspondent Zach C. Cohen’s story about the new Martin Luther King, Jr. monument on the National Mall.

Gaze upon the beauty that is the photo above. I’ve been harping on the national correspondents about getting great photos to go with their stories. I’ve told them that I don’t care if they take the photos themselves or if a friend who knows their away a camera does it for them, as long as we have permission to use the photos.

In this case, Ana Santos, a photographer for American University’s student paper, The Eagle, took these photos. Zach told me we could use them as long as we gave them the proper credit. So there you have it. The two that they sent us were both stunning. The image above is my favorite, but we used the other one with the article because it gives a better sense of the scale of the monument and what the monument really looks like.

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