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New Voices in the New Jersey Jewish News

The New Jersey Jewish News, a weekly print publication in New Jersey has honored our new editor, David A.M. Wilensky, with a profile and a charming mug shot (see that thing to the right).

In the article, Wilensky says some things about New Voices and about the voices we represent:

Speaking about the “official” Jews, he said, “They have crafted a Jewish community that serves the needs of their generation. Meanwhile, they worry and fret to no end about whether the kids are all right. New Voices is here to tell you that the kids are all right and to explain how and where their worldview diverges from the current mainstream.

“The official Jews can conduct all the surveys they want, but the best way to figure out what young Jews are thinking is to hear it in their voices.”

The full article is over here.

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