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Why are all my camp friends already on Google+?

Yes, that's really his name.

Here’s something interesting: Among my different groups of friends (or should I call them “circles” of friends now?), it’s my Jewish friends that have taken to Google+ most readily. And it’s not just my Jewish friends, but it’s my camp friends, the most far-flung, geographically disparate circle of friends I know.

This made me think about Ari Winkleman, a friend of mine from–where else?–Jewish summer camp. Ari is an entrepreneurship major at Drexel University, a budding innovator in the world of social media. A few months ago, Ari was telling me about the innate connection between Jews and social media.

I called Ari to get his thoughts on it for this blog post.

“It’s not surprising that Jews have quickly taken to Google+ as a new medium for social interaction,” he said. “As a Jewish geography junkie myself, I’ve been trained to look for other members of the tribe in both the physical and digital worlds.”

That about sums it up, I think.

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