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The (more frequent and double) Reading List: Satire galore!

A brilliant, though morally dubious, satire of the Bin Laden killing. [Galactic Empire Times]

A hilariously appropriate response to the Der Tzeitung-Hillary Clinton fiasco. [Feministe]

Turning the Der Tzeitung-HC fiasco into a meme. [Hasidic Photoshop]

Who said falafel could unite Israelis and Palestinians? In Brooklyn, it’s another excuse to fight. [The Brooklyn Paper]

A clever idea: limericks on the parsha. [Torah Limericks]

The Jewish Week Came out with its 36 Under 36 today! Here’s one impressive college student. [JW]

Some inspiration for defenders of women’s rights in Israel. [JJ]

Encountering Gilad Shalit’s mother. [Forward Sisterhood]

A good point: Hamas isn’t running negotiations, so why does it matter if it’s in the government? [HuffPo]

Another win for the Israeli left: A lot of important former chiefs of staff openly oppose Bibi. [Forward JJ Goldberg]

Congrats, graduates! Now go pay off your student debt! [Time]


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