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No news is good news, this isn’t that

Real talk, I hate Comcast. We pay 75$ a month for internet (which is way too much), and it only works around 75% of the time. That time did not include most of Thursday. When I call customer service to complain, they pretty much tell me to shut up. What else can I do? They have a monopoly.

This wasn’t a big story in the US, but Hamas fired on a school bus yesterday, severely injuring a 13 year old kid. They openly claimed the attack too, instead of pretending it was a splinter group. I have a bad feeling like there’s going to be another war soon

Apparently, the limits of acceptable discourse on Israel are a lot stupider in Europe. The BBC wrote “Despite recent calls for calm, neither side seems to be able to stop firing, our correspondent says. Both say the other started it.” I’m sure you’ve heard the Zionist line about false moral equivalence before but come on, Israel does airstrikes on militants, Hamas shoots missiles at school buses.

By the way, after Hamas attacked the school bus, and shot around 50 rockets into Israel, they called for a ceasefire, literally hours later. That’s chutzpah.

It’s just been a depressing time, news wise. One of the actors from that film Miral was killed in the West Bank. I haven’t seen the movie, but now I really want to. Is that ghoulish? And the Egyptian Revolution is not going as well as it once was.

This isn’t bad news, but it’s not really good news either, Richard Goldstone possibly retracted/said he regretted his infamous report. Should we care? Some Harvard kids say yes.

On the plus side, Glenn Beck’s show is coming off the air eventually. You’re welcome.

Finally, I have to say, word to Laura Cooper’s blog. I meant to look at it for five minutes and ended up reading the whole thing one night. It’s a good read…makes me glad I was born Jewish, I don’t have the discipline or patience to convert. Big ups.

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