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Hey, Jewish a cappella! Where’s the Rebecca Black parody?

We at New Voices have become a little obsessed with Jewish college a capella recently.

With all of the buzz/hate/fascinated disgust that Rebecca Black’s Friday video has been getting, we’ve been wondering, WHERE’S THE SHABBOS PARODY VIDEO?!

Not that there no parody videos out there, but they’re all beyond terrible. They’re just more painful than the original. I hesitate to embed one here so I embedded one and made it tiny. The point is that they suck. So we need the brave men and women of Jewish collegiate a cappella to make a parody video, which we’re hoping will be called “Shabbos.”

A lot of people–he says without any sort of link to back his point up–are wondering if Black herself is Jewish. I vote yes, but our esteemed editor, Ben Sales, is skeptical.

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