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Reading List: Happy Purim from Eva Longoria, Alaska airlines freaks out about tefilin and more…

Above, Eva Longoria wishes us all a happy Purim on behalf of Sesame Street. She’s not Jewish is she? Why can’t they get Natalie Portman to do this?

The Nation wants to tell you all about “the new Israeli left.” How often have we heard that such a thing is about to become a big thing? [The Nation]

Three odd things: (1) A group of Mexican Jews decided to wrap tefilin on an (2) Alaska Airlines flight from Mexico to LA (3) and the flight crew freaked out and had them arrested. [NYT]

Another one for the not-meant-to-be-funny-but-funny-anyway file: A gap year student studying as a yeshivah in Israel sounds pretty sexually frustrated. [5 Towns Jewish Times]

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