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Preview: #Boston #Jewish music festival

I was going to drop some Pulitzer-worthy coverage of Boston University Students for Israel’s peaceful protest for Israel/against anti-semitism, but this inhuman cold-flu hybrid left me stuck in bed. It’s not a good look in my apartment; I’m too dizzy to clean up my room, but enough kvetchink. Sunday marks the beginning of the Boston Jewish Music Festival. I’ve secured an interview with Yemen Blues, who, as far as I can tell from their videos, are either the Israeli version of Gogol Bordello, or the Yemenite version of Balkan Beat Box. I’m looking forward to their show on the 10th, it should be loud, to say the least.

In other forms of Sephardic music, Yasmin Levy will be performing at the Somerville Theater on the 9th. Levy plays traditional Ladino music with modern influence. It reminds me of Joni Mitchell if she was Ladino and good. Will my high school Spanish be enough to understand the lyrics? Almost certainly not, but I’m definitely feeling her vocal tone. Should be a #winning concert.

On Saturday the 12th, I’ll be going to the Berklee Performance Center to see Divine Sparks, a performance of “world class singers and musicians using chazzanos and religious song as the springboard for musical improvisation and spiritual expression”. I’m unsure as to if this is going to be jazz or not. Disappointingly, none of my roommates are down to go to this show even though they all go to Berklee. Coincidentally none of them has 18 bucks.

Well, that nyquil’s starting to hit. If you really can’t wait for my writeups, you can follow my twitter. I’ll be live-tweeting whenever I can have my phone out without looking like a total putz. Anyway, if you’re going to any of these shows, drop me a @direct message if you want to get interviewed. Peace.

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  1. Alex Howie
    March 7, 2011 at 3:10 pm #

    Max – I am an assistant editor for the KOACH Ezine, a college Jewish journal that has monthly themes for articles. Our upcoming theme is Jewish arts and culture. It seems you have interest in the topics and would be a good writer on the issue: If you are interested in writing, please email me at Thanks!

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