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The Codex is Dead! Long Live the Codex! -or- Why Jews Will Never Fully Switch Over to e-Readers

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The Atlantic has this piece up this week about Shabbat observance issues surrounding e-readers like the Kindle. The article’s worth reading.

Three thoughts:

1. Acts of writing should not be at issue here. From the article:

E-readers are problematic not only because they are electronic but also because some rabbis consider turning pages on the device – which causes words to dissolve and then resurface – an act of writing, also forbidden on the Sabbath.

That’s completely absurd. Writing is forbidden because it is an act of creation. God’s rest on the first Shabbat was a rest from the work of creating the world. We follow suit, by avoiding acts of creation. The equivalent of turning the page on a Kindle is just that &#8212 it’s the equivalent of turning a page! The electronic equivalent of writing is typing.

2. That doesn’t mean Jews who observe a high number of ritual prohibitions on Shabbat are going to start davening from an e-siddur. They’re still electronic!

3. Who cares? Codex technology came into being and we retained the scroll. Now e-readers have been invented and we’ll retain the codex (fancy word for book) too.


  1. The codex is dead! Long live the codex! -or- Why Jews will never fully switch over to e-readers | Jewschool - December 23, 2010

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