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The Reading List: Are Jewish Students Scared?

Natan Sharansky says that anti-Israel intimidation is silencing pro-Israel students on campus, but where’s his evidence? [NJJN Just ASC]

Hillels should include, not oppose, JVP groups. Look for more on this in an NV blog post later today. [The Magnes Zionist]

In related news, the NIF comes out explicitly against BDS. [Atlantic Jeff Goldberg]

And BTS (Breaking The Silence) activists reveal their names. [The Independent]

It’s easier for high-school students to procure marijuana than cigarettes. [MPP]

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2 Older Responses to “The Reading List: Are Jewish Students Scared?”

  1. Pastor Douglas Shearer
    May 31, 2011 at 5:41 pm #

    Unless young Jews on American college and university campuses are willing to show more “spunk,” anti-Semitism (disguised now as anti-Zionism) will continue to not just spread but flourish. And, tragically, that seems to be the trend. Hiding out in their Hillel sanctuaries and calling on campus administrators and the ADL to fight for them will prove not just ineffective, but contemptuous – and, as such, will only embolden their enemies. They must confront their tormentors straight on – protest for protest. But there seems to be little stomach for that. You’ve raised a whole generation of young Jews in the habit of appealing to universal human rights to defend their minority status here in American and, therefore, unable to defend Jewish particularism in Israel. Not only does that fact trap them in an intellectual conundrum they’re unable to resolve, but – and let’s be honest here – it also serves as a convenient excuse to justify their temerity. I can’t imagine very many Jews willing to “go to the barricades” for Israel. How pathetic! Finally, a homeland – but a homeland fewer and fewer diasporic Jews are willing to fight for and defend. It’s a dirty little secret that needs to be exposed.

    Unfortunately, the same temerity is tightening its grip around the heart of a good many Evangelical Christians – many of whom have always stood in support of Israel. We both have our work cut out for us.

  2. Douglas Shearer
    October 29, 2013 at 2:15 pm #

    Hello Natan,

    I became a bit irritated at some of the comments by American Jews regarding Evangelical support for Israel; so I posted this response.

    Evangelicals are American Gentiles – at least the overwhelming majority of us. For us to "go to the barricades" for the sake of Israel is a "mind-boggler." Why should we, as Gentiles, put ourselves in harm's way for a nation that makes no room for gentile inclusion and for a people who all too frequently are disdainful of Gentiles. Especially if doing so runs the risk of putting a target on our backs – if doing so makes us an object of ridicule and public censure? And ever more so with each passing year! It makes no sense!

    Gentile support for Israel? It all but defines the meaning of a "non sequitur." The one doesn't logically follow from the other. It only does for Gentile Christians. And that's because our commitment to the scriptures – both the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament – requires it. Israel's resurrection proves the authenticity of God's word – and clearly underscores both His infinite grace and His coming judgment. That's why we have no other option. That's why we're duty-bound to support her – and loudly so.

    And will you – American Jews – be grateful for the support we render? Not likely! Why? Because our support at the barricades and in the streets will serve only to cast your loss of nerve into bold relief. That and the fact that we take the gospel with us wherever we go and whatever the circumstances. And that's just the way it is! If you can't handle it, too bad! It's more a comment on your lack of conviction and confidence than our lack of discretion. What a shame that you find the mere mention of the name "Jesus" – however politely and lovingly tendered – so terribly threatening. I suggest that you wake up to the real threats you face and stop whining about imaginary bogymen. Some of you – certainly not all of you – but some of you need to grow up.

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