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Jew Crew Reunion

Some of the Jew Crew members before leaving for college (2008)

In religious school, it was about who had the best Bar/Bat Mitzvah party favors. In middle school, it was about who was dating who. In high school, it was about who could get into the best college. In college, we don’t quite know what the big goal is.

Flashback to religious school in 2003: A bunch of friends and myself were in a group called the Jew Crew. Come college, the twelve of us had dispersed to places like Penn or Yale, always dropping a “hello” or “Happy Birthday” via Facebook for the past three years. Always being long distance but never isolating ourselves. But this winter break, it’s all about to change. As I sat back and turned on my television the first day of winter break, I realized that break would be a bust unless I spent it doing something memorable. Something vintage. Then it came to me, almost like an epiphany.

Need an idea for how to make your winter break out of the ordinary with a twist of Judaism? Problem solved.

A Jew Crew reunion.

Sounding off the Jew-dar, I called up one of the crew members to sign off on my idea, and messaged the team.

The letter started off:

“Three years into college and we all still haven’t met up, I think we’re slacking. Since winter break is coming up I think it would be great to get together and catch up &#8212 Jew Crew style :).”

Not as big as a Bat Mitzvah but not as lame as a night-in during break, it’s about time for the tribe to get back together. Too frequently do we take advantage of having friends and loved ones living so close to one another.

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