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The Reading List: How the Maccabeats EXPLODED on the Internet

We’ve all seen this video already (though obviously, you’re about to view it again, now that it’s in front of your face on your laptop screen). With over 870,000 views, the Maccabeat’s “Candelight” is taking the interwebs by storm, and is garnering coverage by major news sites. Here is a reading list on how the hit caught wind:

How the Maccabeats are dealing with their new success, beyond the usual bar mitzvah performance requests. (NY Post)

CNN provides the historical context behind how “Candlelight” came to fruition: After years of producing Christmas hits, Jews finally hit one out of the park for their own team. (CNN)

How “Candlelight” sizes up to other Chanukkah songs, and why it fits into a cultural trend. (CBS)

How the rest of the world sees the Maccabeats. (JPost)

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  1. Chana
    December 3, 2010 at 1:54 pm #

    IF you liked the Maccabeats’ video, you’ll like “I Light It”- Chanukah Remix as well- it’s a hilarious parody of pop songs as well. Link here:


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    […] all love Maccabeatlemania, but here’s how we shouldn’t use the craze that’s sweeping American Jewry. On […]

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