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Matisyahu’s Chanukkah video: “Miracle”

This blog has become a list of Chanukkah videos of late. But seriously, we can all just stop pretending. This is the best one.

In this video for Matisyahu’s new Chanukkah song &#8212 which is catchy as all get-out &#8212 he goes on a bizarre dream adventure with the real Matisyahu (“I’m Matisyahu too.” “No, I know that. Come on.”). They fight Antiochus, who is a grape-eating fratboy, as well as Antiochus’s nutcracker henchman. And there’s an ice sculpture menorah.

Here’s the song on it’s own, without the story bit in front of it:

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  1. Lydia Starr
    December 10, 2011 at 11:40 pm #

    Singer-poet Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein) also has a very nice lyrical version of the tune with guitar accompaniment. Check it out at

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