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The Reading List: Special WikiLeaks Edition!

As the fallout from the latest batch of WikiLeaks continues, here are some choice links from around the Jewish interwebs:

According to the JTA, these leaks reveal… that political and military leaders in the Middle East don’t know what they’re talking about. [JTA]

And did Bibi want to give land to the Palestinians? [JTA]

Meanwhile, Jeff Goldberg and Andrew Sullivan seem to be in a catfight. [Jeff Goldberg]

Israel says that the leaks have no effect on the country. [JW] Oh, wait, they might. [Ha’aretz]

James Besser sums it up best: “WikiLeaks and Israel: no bombshells, lots of stuff for foreign policy geeks” [JW James Besser]

And Lee Smith goes through how it will affect Israel, Jews, and American electorate. [Tablet]

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