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The Reading List: Student Anger in the West Bank

Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira Closeup No GlassesAs students and the rabbinate try to reconcile in Israel proper, violent followers of a Chabad rabbi in the West Bank are attacking military and security personnel. [Failed Messiah]

Meanwhile, here’s a guide to how Chabad does its kiruv, or religious outreach, on campus — the final installment of a three-part guide to kiruv. [Frum Satire]

A student at the Arava Institute, which advocates for coexistence between Palestinians and Jews, responds to an attack on Masa, the umbrella group for long-term Israel programs and a sponsor of some Arava students. [The Masa Israel Blog]

Two from the Huff: First, banks are spending $83 million on promoting student credit cards… and leading more students into debt? [HuffPo]

Second, a professor dispels myths about elite professors. [HuffPo]

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