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The Reading List: Jewish Students Have Civil Rights

Jewish students are now protected under a law banning racial or ethnic harassment on campus. But will this serve to lessen anti-Semitism, or will it gag speech critical of Israel? [Forward]

In the Israeli secular university students’ protests over  stipends for Haredi yeshiva students, the country’s chief rabbi sides with… the secular students. [JTA] [JPost]

Not all Israeli university students, however, have noble intentions. This one posed as his professor in order to get an early look at an exam, then got caught, and now he won’t talk to the cops. [Ha’aretz]

And when some students do have noble intentions, they get hassled: Northwestern student journalists had their grades, syllabi and other information subpoenaed while trying to prove the wrongful conviction of an innocent man. Stand strong, college journalists! [HuffPo]

Meanwhile, anti-occupation activity increases on campus yet again, this time with funding for a flotilla from Rutgers. [Vos Iz Neias]

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